One of the best known and most popular deities in Vajrayana Buddhism is the goddess Tara. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit name Tara is, ‘She who liberates.’ As a manifestation of the Buddha’s compassion she is considered to be exceptionally swift to act, hence her supplication, through prayer and meditation, is widely practiced.   One of the most famous prayers to the goddess Tara, said to have been first uttered by the Buddha Shakyamuni, is the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras. The verses of this prayer are a poetic homage to twenty-one different forms of Tara, describing each one’s physical features, posture, qualities, abilities, hand gestures and mantra. This exquisite painting focusses on the ninth verse of the prayer in which the goddess appears as ‘Tara Who Grants All Wishes.’ In this particular aspect, Tara is endowed with four arms: the two above her head hold a vajra and bell in the ‘gesture of great bliss’; the left holds a branch of the wish-fulfilling ashoka tree; while the right is extended in the mudra of giving.

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