Anjana Himalayan Art

The Himalayas are the world’s highest mountain range, spanning a great arc across the northernmost reaches of India and Pakistan, the vast Tibetan plateau in China, and the kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan. Within these distant lands, hidden and protected by majestic snow-capped mountains, a unique spiritual culture emerged as esoteric traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism merged with indigenous shamanistic practice.These ancient spiritual traditions had a profound impact on Himalayan art, as evidenced by the use of symbol, motif, imagery and composition. Art developed as a medium through which the metaphysical truths and contemplative practices of Buddhist and Hindu wisdom (especially Tantra) came to be communicated.

Profound, mystical and sacred, Himalayan art has a unique ability to elevate our minds and draw us into its deeper meanings and significance. It is for this reason perhaps that Himalayan art is so widely revered and occupies such a treasured place in our world’s spiritual and cultural heritage. In this catalogue, we are delighted to present four highly gifted artists whose distinctive works exemplify the profound depth and grace of the artistic traditions of the Himalayas.

The paintings and calligraphies included here have been specially selected for the launch of Himalayan Art. The prints have been produced on highest quality, artisanal Chinese rice paper (certified by the World Cultural Heritage) using state-of-the-art print technology of the Institute for Electronic Arts. Each work is being made available as a special, limited-edition print run of 108 editions, with the serial number and signature of the artist engraved. All prints (except those of Jacky Tsai) are delivered complete with an exquisite frame of highest quality and specifications – contact

Expressing the Inexpressible:
Symbols and Imagery in Himalayan Art

Himalayan art is rich in symbolism and imagery. The higher truths and hidden mysteries of Vajrayana wisdom were considered too subtle and rarefied to be understood by common language. Symbols and images became the language of tantra, the medium through which esoteric teachings were shared and communicated. As one contemporary Buddhist master explains, ‘Symbols are a last attempt to explain that which is inexpressible’.

In this collection, we offer a glimpse into the mystical world of tantric art and show something of its astounding depth and range — from sacred syllables that seem to pulsate with power, to dreamlike meditational deities whose allure and beauty so entrances us.

Nearly all the artists featured in this catalogue are life-long practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism. Their superbly crafted works illustrate beautifully the depth and mystery of this fathomless pool of wisdom. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in their grace.


Philip Philippou was born in London, graduating from the London School of Economics in geography. After leaving university, he developed a deep, abiding interest in Buddhist philosophy and Himalayan culture, leading him to volunteer for a prominent non-profit Buddhist organization where he played an important role in helping bring Vajrayana wisdom to the West.

During this time, he made frequent visits to northern India, Nepal and Bhutan, immersing himself in the peoples and spiritual culture of these remote lands. It was here that his passion and appreciation for Himalayan art, and the sacred roots upon which it is based, deepened and developed to a new level. In 2006, he helped create one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist temples in the West, built according to the authentic traditions of sacred architecture and craftsmanship of the Himalayas.

His studies, travels, and personal encounters have brought him into contact with truly remarkable Buddhist practitioners and master artists whose works he now helps to bring to a wider public audience. As curator of this special collection, Philip Philippou has brought together outstanding works from a select group of artists whose abundant talents capture the full depth and mystique of Himalayan art.